Bootstrap class snippets

AngularJS Conditional Class
5 years ago by bootply
How to use ng-class instead of jQuery hasClass. This shows 2 ways to use ng-class..
Image alignment
5 years ago by hassmurphy
Using "text-left" "text-center" "text-right" class to align an image..
Trinity Infoventure
last year by prvnpp
Pranic Healing and Yoga Classes in Fujairah , UAE. Contact US 092226640..
Image alignment
last year by bensada
Using "text-left" "text-center" "text-right" class to align an image..
AngularJS ng-class with Bootstrap collapse
4 years ago by testazoid
How to use toggle class based on class of another element...
Toggle Multiple Classes using jQuery
6 years ago by jquery
Bootstrap snippet / code Toggle Multiple Classes using jQuery..
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